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Eileen Day McKusick, MA is a pioneering researcher who has spent the last 22 years exploring and mapping a territory hidden in plain view: the human biofield

Just as researchers have mapped the brain, Eileen has used sound like sonar to explore the vibrational patterning that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. 


Through her research, Eileen has discovered that the human biofield contains a very specific anatomy and physiology and that it can be successfully modulated with the tone of a simple medical tuning fork to produce consistent and useful therapeutic outcomes.

As the creator of Biofield Tuning, Eileen has developed this ground-breaking sound therapy method to be non-invasive and easy-to-learn. The use of coherent tones on and around the body reduces the amount of dissonance and resistance in the body’s electrical system.

Biofield Tuning has been practiced since 1996 and taught since 2010. We now have a team of 8 instructors, over 400 certified practitioners  worldwide, and nearly 1100 students in training. These practitioners and their clients are experiencing the same profound benefits Eileen experienced in her own practice.