Our Biofield Tuning Practitioners have gone through extensive training with Biofield Tuning founder Eileen Day McKusick. All are in the top of their fields and have demonstrated extreme dedication to health and wellness throughout their professional lives.

Marielle Fisher.jpeg

Marielle Fisher

Marielle’s passion lies in helping people remember their innate connection while healing their physical bodies. 


As an advocate for holistic health, she offers sound sessions to enhance vitality and wellbeing through all seasons of life. She enjoys sharing Biofield Tuning to support clients in feeling more grounded, more clear, and more energized. 


Marielle specializes in using sound to support womens health and has seen great results in her own practice improving adrenal function, fertility issues, and restoring balance to mothers through all phases of the postpartum journey. 


Her background weaves several healing modalities including reiki, doula support, shamanic healing, and herbalism, and she’s one of the Biofield Tuning instructors you may meet in class.  She brings a grounded presence and creates a nonjudgmental space for you to unwind, relax, and receive the layered benefits of Biofield Tuning. Whatever season of life you are in, she would be delighted to support you with a tuning session.

Mary Grunvald Sound Healing Vemont

Mary Grunvald

In addition to practicing as a Physical Therapist for many years, I also offer expertise in Pilates rehab and provide a holistic healing experience. I have worked with a variety of ages and issues including Parkinson's, arthritis, sinus issues and athletic injuries.


I believe that sound therapy is a special tool to promote relaxation as well as moving the lymph system and listening to the electric body.

I combine my scientific and spiritual mind to discover a more balanced you. Self-care is my mission and empowerment is my gift.


I have mentored women runners and used Biofield Tuning to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund which provides assistance to service members and their families. I run the Marine Corp Marathon in their honor.

Mary McGillvray Sound Therapy Vermont

Mary McGillvray

Mary's lifelong interest in what makes people thrive has led her to the power and beauty of Biofield Tuning. With warmth and humor, she helps clients remove emotional blocks so they can be the happy, loving people they fundamentally are. Mary became a Biofield Tuning Practitioner spring in March, 2018.

As a Speech Language Pathology Assistant for the last ten years, she worked with children on the Autism Spectrum and with other cognitive and physical challenges; she welcomes working with clients of all ages and abilities. 

Mary's fundamental approach is mirroring back people's essence to them, removing noise that may be clouding their self-image so that their brilliance can shine. In a gentle, progressive  way, old charged issues are put to rest with understanding and compassion so that clients can become the architects of the life that they want to live. 

She can't wait to share the elegant and effective method of Biofield Tuning with all who are drawn to sound therapy.

Cassidy McKusick Sound Healing Vermont

Cassidy McKusick

Cassidy McKusick is the son of Eileen McKusick and became her first student when he was just 6 years old.


He received his Biofield Tuning certification in 2018 and has been part of two Tuners Without Borders expeditions to Kingston Jamaica. In addition to providing Biofield Tuning sessions at our Clinic in Burlington, 

Cassidy also has his Private Pilot’s license and is working towards his VFR rating.

Jean-Marie Mellichamp Biofield Tuning.jpg

Jean-Marie Mellichamp

I have been helping people be free in their bodies through dance for many years, and am attuned to the sensory messages of the body.


I've been practicing biofield tuning for several of those years and find it to be a wonderful and exciting modality for clearing energetic distortions in the field and in the body, as well.


I use forks and crystals in distance sessions and add acupressure meridian touch with in-person sessions, and  add acupressure meridian touch  and fascia release (vibrational fascia release therapy) with in-person sessions. 

Among other results, clients almost universally report feeling lighter 
and more at ease in their bodies.

Mary Post Sound Healing Burlington VT

Mary Post

In a popular movie, some characters part by saying "May the Force be with you," reminding us that we are more than flesh and bones; we are made up of, filled with and surrounded by energy. Sometimes, your energy is out of sync, and I use special tuning forks to help restore your harmony. The true power though is not in the forks, it is in you. I'm there to help.

Trish DeRocher Biofield Tuning.jpg

Trish DeRocher, Ph.D.

Beginning her college career as a music therapy major before switching career paths, it has been a delightful, unexpected plot twist to find her way back to sound therapy. Trish comes to Biofield Tuning as a 200-hour Bhakti Certified yoga instructor, Inner Alignment Coach, Reiki II practitioner, former professor, and owner of Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Consulting.  Trish is currently completing the 200-hour Ayurveda Immersion Program at The Ayurvedic Center of Vermont.  


Trish appreciates Biofield Tuning’s ability to offer profound healing without reinforcing ego stories or overly engaging the mind.  She welcomes the opportunity to openly allow her intuition to follow the wisdom of the forks and to joyfully guide her clients back into vibrational alignment by creating a container for them to listen to the knowledge of their own bodies.  Trish seeks to create a safe space for clients living in all types of bodies and from all walks of life to come home to themselves.